File extensions beginning with g

File Extension Description
G Data chart
G16 GoldED for DOS compiled config
G3P data
G8 Raw graphics file (one byte per pixel) plane three
GAF Globa Game Engine audio format
GB Game Boy ROM
GB1 Game Maker backup file (can also be GB2, GB3, etc.)
GBA Game Boy Advance ROM
GBC Game Boy Color ROM
GBL Global definitions
GBL Global module in Basic programs
GBR GIMP brush
GC1 Lisp source code
GC3 Lisp source code
GCD Graphics
GCD General content descriptor
GCD Generic Cadd drawing
GCF Game cache file
GCX Graph file
GD3 Game Doctor Super NES ROM image
GDF General Data Format for Biomedical Signals
GDF Dictionary file
GDF Geographical Data Format
GDF IBM Graphics Data Format
GDL Data
GDS McDonnell-Douglas Things
GE GEcho config file
GED EDITOR's native file format
GED GoldED for DOS compiled config file
GED Graphics editor file
GED Game Editor Data / project file
GEM Vector graphics file
GEN Compiled template
GEN Generated text
GEO Geode
GEO GEOS specific file (application)
GEO GoldED for OS/2 compiled config file
GEX GEcho config file
GFB Compressed GIF image created by GIFBLAST
GFO SGI Radiosity
GFT Font
GFT GEM-translator font file
GFX Instant Artist graphics Files
GFX PCBoard @X-coded colorful text
GHO Norton Ghost File (first file)
GHS Norton Ghost File (split file)
GHW GHDL Wave file
GIB Chart
GIB GIMP animated brush
GID Help index
GIF Compuserves' Graphics Interchange Format (bitmapped graphics)
GIW Presentation
GKH Ensoniq Disk Image (VFX, SD, EPS, ASR, TS)
GKS Graphics Kernel System
GL Animation format
GL Animation
GLB Global module in Basic programs
GLM Datafile
GLO Global module in Basic programs
GLS Datafile
GLY Winword Glossary
GM6 Game Maker Editable file as of version 6.x
GMD Game Maker Editable file up to version 5.x
GMF CGM graphics file
GMK Game Maker Editable file as of version 7.x or 8.x
GML Game Maker GML file
GMP Geomorph tile map
GMS Ghost Mouse Script
GMS Gesture and Motion File Formats
GMT data
GOC Goc source code file
GOE GOES graphic file
GOH Goc header file
GP Geode parameter file
GP4 data
GP5 Guitar Pro 5 song
GPH Graph
GPK Omnigo program package
GPX GPS eXchange Format
GR2 Screen driver
GRA Datafile
GrADS Metafile
GRAFFLE OmniGraffle graph file
GRASP Graphical System for Presentation
GRB MS-DOS Shell Monitor file
GRD Drivers for GRX (graphics library)
GRDNT Image format used in the core of some very obscure customized operating systems to represent gradients; see also SCTOR
GRE data
GRF Graph file
GRIB Gridded Binary
GRN Drivers for GRX (graphics library)
GRP Group file
GRP Pictures group
GRY Graphics format (RAW GREYz)
GS1 Presentation
GS3 data
GSA data
GSD Vector graphics
GSM Raw GSM 6.10 audio stream
GSW Worksheet
GTA data
GV GrandView outline file
GVO Data
GWI Groupwise File
GXL Graphics library
GZ Archive
GZR data