File extensions beginning with l

File Extension Description
L LEX source code file
L Linker directive file
L LISP source code file
LA0 Datafile
LAB Datafile
LAB Mailing labels
LAN Erdas image file
LAN LAN Drivers
LAY Word chart layout
LBG Label generator data
LBL Label
LBM Graphics format (Amiga)
LBM Linear bitmap graphics
LBO Compiled label
LBR .LBR Archive
LBR Display driver
LBT Additional (FPT) label description file
LBX Main (DBF) label description file
LCF Linker Control File
LCH Chart
LCK Lockfile
LCL Data (FTP Software PC/TCP)
LCL Data
LCN Lection
LCS Datafile
LCW Spreadsheet
LD Long Distance codes file
LD1 Overlay file
LDA Absolute binary file (load image)
LDB Data filer database
LDB Overlay file
LDF Data filer form
LDF Library definition file
LE DOS/4GW executable image
LES Lesson (check *.cbt)
LEV Level file
LEX Dictionary
LFD LucasArts resource file
LFL LucasArts resource file
LFT Laser printer font
LG Logo procedure definitions
LGO Logo for header and footer
LGO Startup logo code
LHA Archive
LHW Amiga archive
LIB Library file
LIC License file used by some programs to put their license on disk
LIF Archive
LIF CA Clipper packed file
LIF Logical Interchange Format data file
LIM Archive
LIN Line types
LIS Listing
LIT Web3D File
LIX Log file (history)
LJ Text file for HP LJ II printer
LL3 LapLink III related file (document)
LM Auran Jet LOD mesh table (text file to control LODs)
LMP Doom lump (data file, commonly "demo" recordings)
LNG Language definition file
LNK Linker response file
LNK Linker script
LNK Windows 95 shortcut
LNK Windows XP shortcut
LOD Load file
LOG Log file
LOM 3D Model
LPC Printer driver
LRC Lyrics data
LRF Linker response file
LRF Unencrypted BroadBand eBook file
LRP Report
LRS Language Resource File
LRX Encrypted BroadBand eBook file
LSA Lightscape Technologies ASCII
LSB Lightscape Technologies Binary
LSP LISP source code file
LSS Spreadsheet
LST Aus. BOM Hourly weather Data
LST Filelist
LST Keyboard macro
LST List file (archive index - compiler listfile)
LST Listing (e.g. source code)
LST Map list
LST Spool file
LST SLP output file
LTA Data
LTM Form (Lotus Forms)
LUA Lua script file
LUW label data file
LWD Text document
LWO Lightwave Object Format
LWP Word processor
LXF Lego Exchange Format
LXO Luxology scene
LXT Temporal database file
LY LilyPond Notation File
LYR Lyrics (ASCII)
LZ Archive
LZD Difference file for binaries
LZH Archive
LZS Archive
LZW Archive
LZX Amiga Archive