File extensions beginning with m

File Extension Description
M Mathematica Package File
M2 WoW Model Object file
M3U M3U playlist file
M3U8 Unicode version of M3U playlist file (UTF-8)
M4A Advanced Audio Coding
M7P Multilizer 2007 and 2009 localization project file
MAI Mail
MAK Makefile
MAK Project file
MAN User guide (manual)
MAP Color palette file
MAP Format data
MAP Linker map file
MAP Map file (usually created by compilers)
MAP Network map
MAP Game map for Duke Nukem 3D
MAR Assembly program
MAR Microsoft ARchive
MAR Mozilla ARchive
MAS SmartMaster set
MAT Data
MAT Microsoft Access Table
MAX MAX source code file
MB Memo field values for database
MBK Multiple index file backup
MBX Mailbox data
MCC Configuration file
MCD MathCad file
MCF Font file
MCF Photo book or photo calendar layout file
MCF Multimedia Container Format (predecessor of Matroska)
MCI MCI command script
MCL Multi Edit macro library
MCL Cartesian manipulator for laser systems
MCP Application script
MCP Printer driver
MCW Text file
MD Archive
MD2 Quake 2 Model File
MD3 Quake 3 Model File
MD5 Doom 3 and Quake 4 Model File
MDA Data
MDA Microsoft Access system database
MDB Microsoft DataBase
MDF Several uses
MDL Quake 1 Model File
MDL Model
MDL Spreadsheet
MDM Modem definition file
MDMP Mini dumpfile
MDR Microdrive file
MDS Midi Session
MDT Data table
MDX Multiple index file
MDZ Text description of music module
ME MultiEdit configuration
ME Text file READ.ME
MEB Macro Editor bottom overflow file
MEC MECCA source
MED Macro Editor delete save
MED Music format
MEM Macro Editor macro
MEM Memory variable save file
MEM Memos datafile
MEQ Macro Editor print queue file
MER Macro Editor resident area (vakioalue)
MES Macro Editor work space file
MES Message
MET Document
MET Macro Editor top overflow file
MET OS/2 graphics metafile
MEU Menu group
MEX Macro Editor expound file
MEX MEX file (executable command)
MF Metafont file
MFA Source code file
MFM Music format
MGF Font
MGF Materials and Geometry Format
MGX Designer 4.1 Drawing
MHT Web Archive Single File
MIB Snmp MIB file
MID Standard MIDI file
MIFF Magick Image File Format
MII Datafile
MIME Message in MIME format (RFC822)
MIO MyInfo topic
MIS Mission, used by many games
MIX Object file
MK Makefile
MK Makefile
MK Usually makefile
MKE Makefile
MKG Makefile
MKI Graphics format (Japan MKI)
MKI Japanese graphics MAKIchan format
MKS Data
MKV Matroska Multimedia Container
ML3 Project
MLB Macro library file
MLI 3DS Materials Libraries
MLV LabVIEW MathScript
MM Text file
MMF Mail message file
MMM Multimedia movie file, RIFF RMMP format
MMO Memo writer file
MMP Output video format from Bravado board
MN MuPAD Pro Notebook
MND Menu source
MNT Additional (FPT) menu description file
MNT Menu memo
MNU Advanced macro file
MNU Menu
MNU Microsoft Mouse menu (for DOS apps)
MNX Compiled menu file
MNX Main (DBF) menu description file
MNY Account book
MOB Device definition file
MOBI eBook
MOD Modula language source
MOD MODULA-2 source code file
MOD Module—used by Windows for DLL which implement DOS support
MOD Music format (Amiga module)
MOL MDL Molfile
MOL2 Tripos’ Sybyl MOL2 Format
MON SYSGEN monitor build procedure
MON Monitor description
MOP MOPAC input file
MOV Animation format (Mac)
MOV Movie file
MP2 Mpeg audio file
MP3 MPEG audio stream, layer 3
MP4 multimedia container format, MPEG 4 Part 14
MPA MPEG audio stream, layer 1,2,3
MPC Calendar file
MPC Musepack audio
MPEG multimedia containter format, video, audio
MPKG Multipackage installer script
MPL MediaRack Midi Playlist
MPM MathPlan macro
MPP Project file
MPQ Mo'PaQ Archive
MPR Generated executable menu file
MPR Multilizer 5.x and 6.x localization project file
MPR Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 map file
MPT Bitmap graphics (Multipage TIFF)
MPV View file
MPX Compiled executable menu file
MPX Video format
MPZ Miradi Project Zipfile
MRB Multiple Resolution Bitmap graphics file
MRC mIRC file
MRK Windows User Benchmark
MRS Macro Resource file
MS Microsoft antivirus report
MSC Microsoft C makefile
MSC management saved console[2]
MSDL Manchester Scene Description Language
MSE Set file
MSG Message base (e.g. HMB)
MSG Message text file (ASCII)
MSG ZVoice digitized voice file
MSI Windows Installer Package
MSN Project
MSO Microsoft Word OLE Web Page Storage Stream
MSO Microsoft Outlook metadata for a Microsoft Word 2000 email attachment.[4]
MSP Bitmap graphics file
MSP Graphics format
MSPRODUCER Media Project
MSQM data
MSS Manuscript text file
MST Document
MST Minispecification file
MST Setup script file
MSW Text file
MSX CP/M archive
MTH Math file
MTL Wavefront
MTM Music format
MTS Master Track Pro Files
MTS data
MTV MTV Ray Tracer graphic file
MTW Datafile
MU Quattro pro for DOS Menu definition file
MUS Finale music document.
MUS Music format (MIDI in Doom)
MUS Sound file
MUZ Hover Game MIDI File
MVF Stop frame file
MVI Movie command file
MVO Data
MVW Log file
MWF Animation
MWS MWave DSP synths instrument
MXF Material exchange format (RFC 4539, SMPTE 377M)
MXL PackRat 5.0 support DLLs
MXM Material
MXP Adobe Extension File
MXP 3ds Max Configuration File
MXP MasterCook exported recipe
MXT Data
MYP Presentation
MZ Binary-format Map
MZE Text-format Map
MZG Binary-format Map Collection
MZX Binary-format Encrypted Map