File extensions beginning with n

File Extension Description
NAM Name Space Modules
NAP Naplps file (VideoShow)
NAPLPS North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax
NB Text file
NB Wolfram Mathematica Notebook
NBF Nokia Backup File
NC Binary Data
NC Instructions for NC (Numerical Control) machine
NC Non-error checking preprosessed Goc source code
NCC CNC (Computer Numeric Control) control file
NCD Norton Change Directory support file
NCP Re-volt Collision file
NDB Network database
NDL Nodelist file
NDS Nintendo DS ROM file used for Homebrew and commercial (Game) files on DS
NDX Index file
NEO Raster graphics file
NES iNES ROM image format
NET Network configuration/info file
netCDF Network Common Data Format
NEU Pro/Engineer neutral file format
NEW New info
NFF Haines Neutral File Format
NFF WorldToolKit Neutral File Format
NFO Folioview database
NFO Help format
NFO Info file
NG Hypertext Database
NGO NG linker object file
NGS NG compiler source file
NIF netimmerse/gamebyro file
NITF National Imagery Transmission Format
NK2 e-mail address autocomplete archive
NL Norton Desktop Icon Library
NLM Netware loadable module
NLS National Language Support file
NLX Form
nmf Node Map File
nnn Arj archive volumes up to 999
nnn Netware unicode rule table (e.g. 1250_Uni.036)
nnn News about smth with ext. of ver. number
nnn RAR archive volumes up to 999
NOT Notation
NOT Yard Notes File
NP Project schedule (Nokia Planner)
NPI Source for DGEN.EXE interpreter
NPJ Nile Project
NRG Nero Disc Image File
NRW Nikon Coolpix RAW image
NSA media
NSF database
NSF Music module
NSS Norton screensaver module
NST Music module
NSV media
NSX Compound index file
NT Startup files
NTF database design template
NTH Nokia Theme File
NTR Executable ASCII text file (strip header and rename)
NTS Executable ASCII text file (strip header and rename)
NTS Tutorial
NTX Database index file
NUF Message for new users on their 1st call
NUMBERS Numbers spreadsheet file
NV NewViews DOS accounting database
NV2 NewViews accounting database
NWS Info text file (latest news) (ASCII)
NXT Sound (NeXT format)