File extensions beginning with o

File Extension Description
O Object file
O$$ Outfile
O01 Typhoon vOice file
OB Object cut/paste file
OBD Microsoft Office Binder
OBJ Compiled machine language code
OBJ Object code
OBJ Wavefront Object
OBR Object browser data file
OBS Script
OBT Microsoft Office Binder Template
OBV Visual interface
OBZ Microsoft Office Binder Wizard
OCF Object Craft File
OCR Incoming fax transcribed to text
OCT Musical file
OCX New Custom Control's format in VB 4.0
OCX OLE custom control
ODB OpenDocument database
ODF OpenDocument formula
ODG OpenDocument drawing
ODIF Open Document Interchange Format
ODL Object Description Language
ODL Type library source
ODM OpenDocument master document
ODP OpenDocument presentation
ODS OpenDocument spreadsheet
ODT OpenDocument text document
OFD Form definition
OFF Object File Format vector graphics file
OFF Object File Format vector graphics
OFM PostScript font description file
OFN Microsoft Office documents
OGG Ogg multimedia container format
OHB Source
OHS Outbound History
OIF QuickBase file format
OKT Music (8 channels)
OKT Music format
OLB Object library
OLD Backup file
OLI Text file
OLSR Configuration file
OMA Audio file
OOF Data
OOG Data
OOM Swap file
OPJ Origin Project File
OPN Active options
OPT Options
OPT Delphi project options
OPT Optimize support file
OPW Organization chart
OPX Inactive options
ORA Parameter file
ORC Orchestra MIDI file
ORG Calendar file
ORG Older Origin Project
OTB Over-the-air bitmap graphics
OTG OpenDocument drawing template
OTH OpenDocument HTML document template
OTL Outline font description
OTL Ventura Publisher's Type Foundry Outline Editor format
OTP OpenDocument presentation template
OTS OpenDocument spreadsheet template
OTT OpenDocument text document template
OTX Text file
OUT Output file
OV1 Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OV2 Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OVD Datafile
OVL Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OVR Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OXT extension