File extensions beginning with s

File Extension Description
S ASSEMBLY source code file
S Multi Edit macro file source
S MSTS Shape file
S$$ Temporary sort file
S19 Motorola ASCII format of executables
S1K S1000 Simnet Format
S3I Digiplayer/ST3 Sample File
S3M Music (16 channels)
S7I Seed7 library / include file
SAB Saber file
SAFE SafeIT Encrypted
SAIF Spatial Archive Interchange Format
SAL Datafile
SAM Ami Pro data file
SAM Text file
SAN LucasArts' SMUSH/INSANE animation
SAP Atari SAP music format.
SAR Archive
SATS Static source
SAV Backup file (saved file)
SAV Configuration
SAV Executable
SAV SPSS "System File"
SAV Saved game state
SAVER Screensaver
SB Audio file (signed byte)
SB Raw Signed Byte (8bit) data
SB Raw Signed PCM Byte 8bit data
SB Scratch project
SBD Storyboard
SBI Sound Blaster Instrument file (Creative Labs)
SBK Emu SoundFont Bank (AWE32 Bank)
SBL Stony Brook Pascal library
SBP DML program
SBR Support file
SBT Notes related to record
SC Display driver
SC PAL script
SC Script
SC3 Renamed dBASE III screen mask file
SC3 Screen device driver
SC4 Saved City
SC4 Game Scenario
SCA Datafile
SCC Text file
SCD SCODOL film recorder (Scan Conversion Object Description Language)
SCF Standard Chromatogram Format
SCF Windows Explorer Command (e.g.: show desktop.scf)
SCF Multimedia show
SCF Spelling checker configuration file
SCH Project schedule
SCH Circuit Design Schematic
SchDoc Circuit Design Schematic
SCI System Configuration Information
SCM Scheme source code file
SCM Schematic file (Circuit Diagram for PCB design)
SCM StarCraft mission
SCN SCeNe RTrace
SCN Screen file
SCO High score
SCP Script
SCR Any other screen system
SCR DEBUG source code file
SCR Forth screen (source) file
SCR Screen - screen snapshot
SCR Screen font
SCR Screen saver
SCR Screen snapshop
SCR Script file source
SCT Additional (FPT) screen description file
SCTOR Raster graphics format used by some very obscure custom operating systems.
SCX Chart
SCX Graphics format
SCX Main (DBF) screen description file
SCX StarCraft: Brood War scenario
SCY Security file
SD Sound Designer I audio file
SD7 Seed7 source file
SDA Fidonet's Software Distribution Network file archive description
SDC Video
SDC Synopsys Design Constraints
SDF Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition database file
SDF Flight data
SDF Source definition file
SDF System Data Format file (fixed length ASCII text)
SDI Software Distribution Network Info file
SDK Roland S-550/S-50/W-30 Disk Image
SDL Alias Wavefront Scene Description Language
SDM Signed Differential Mapping brain maps and/or distributions
SDML Spacial Data Modeling Language
SDN Software Distribution Network compressd file archive
SDR SmartDraw File
SDS MIDI Sample DUMP Standard File
SDTS Spatial Data Transfer Standard
SDW Ami Draw Symbol File
SDX Sample DUMP Exchange File
SEA Self-Extracting compressed Macintosh file Archive
SEC compressed file
SEC Diskreet encrypted file
SEC Secret key ring file
SEC Secured animation file
SED Self extraction directive file
SEN Scifer Archive Format ( Internal Header Mode]
SEP Printer separator page
SEQ ABI Text Sequence
SEQ Atari animation file
SEQ Video
SEQ Sequential Instruction File
SES Session info
SES Multitrack Audio Session info
SET Configuration file
SET Driver sets created by Install
SET Extension used by Norton Backup and CPS Backup for setup info
SET Hump Assignments File
SET Setup options file
SET YVD card set file
SF IRCAM Sound File
SF JAR Digital Signature
SF WPS attribute storage (OS/2 WorkPlace Shell) wp_root.sf
SF2 Emu SoundFont Bank v2.0 file
SFB HP Soft font (obsolete under Windows)
SFD SoundStage Data file
SFF Scene File Format
SFI Graphics
SFI Printer font (HP LaserJet landscape)
SFL PCL 4 bitmap font (landscape)
SFN Font
SFO Bitstream font file - fontware format
SFP PCL 4 bitmap font
SFR Sonic Foundry Sample Resource
SFS PCL 5 scalable font file
SFT Screen font
SFX SFX (self-extracting archives) script
SG1 Graphics
SGF Document with graphics
SGI Graphics file
SGP Statistics
SGT Save/get keyboard macro
SH ASCII archive
SH Unix shell script
SH3 Presentation
SHAR Archive
SHB Background
SHG Segmented Hyper Graphics
SHK Apple II archive
SHM Shell macro
SHP Shape file and source file for text fonts
SHT HTML format for WWW
SHW Presentation
SHW Slide show
SHX Shape entities
SIB Sibelius file
SIF Setup Installation Files info
SIG Current program settings
SIG Signature file
SIK Backup file (Sicherungskopie)
SIM Simon document file - Simon instruction software editor
SIS symbian file
SIT Archive (Macintosh)
SKP Google SketchUp file
SKY SYLK Spreadsheet file (used by Multiplan)
SL S-Lang source code file
SLB P-CAD library (symbols)
SLB Slide library
SLC SALT (script from Telix) compiled code
SLD Slide
SLDASM Assembly
SLDDRW Drawing
SLI Slide
SLK Microsoft Excel import format
SLK SYLK Symbolic Link format data file
SLL Sound data file
SLP SLP command file created by SRCCOM
SLP Localization project file
SLT SALT Script Application Language for Telix script source
SLV Solution for any game
SM Maillist
SM Script
SM SMALLTALK source code file
SM Text file
SM StepMania Step File
SMC Super Nintendo ROM
SMCLVL Secret Maryo Chronicles Level
SMK Smacker Video Format (RAD Video)
SML System Macro Library
SMM Ami Pro Macro File
SMN Font (ParaGraph's WorkScript format)
SMP Sample (sound file)
SMP Samplevision File
SMS MSTS Sound management system file
SMT Text file
SN Compressed song file
SND Digitized sound file
SND Power Chords drum sound file
SNDB SQLNotes database
SNG Song (midi sound)
SNG Saved game file for StarCraft
SNO SNOBOL4 source code file
SNP Book-shelf for .BOO
SNP Microsoft Access report snapshot
SNP Output video format from Computer Eyes equipment
SNX Saved game file for StarCraft: Brood War
SO shared object, dynamically linked library
SOAR Soar Production file
SOL Solution e.g. game walkthroughs
SOL Adobe Flash shared object ("Flash cookie") (Movie, film, video and multimedia file type)
SOM Network serial numbers
SOM Sort information
SON Song
SOU Temporary BATCH file
SOU SBStudio II Sound File
SOU Sound data (sound tool)
SP Archive (unix)
SPC Program
SPC Temporary file
SPC SNES SPC-700 Sound File
SPC Spectroscopic data (scientific)
SPD Scalable font
SPF Slide presentation file
SPF data
SPG Glossary
SPI Graphics (Siemens and Philips scanner)
SPIFF Still Picture Interchange File Format
SPIN Spin source file
SPL Archive
SPL Customized printer driver
SPL Divided file segment
SPL Personal spell dictionary
SPL Print spooling file
SPL Sample
SPM Data wp{wp}.spm
SPP Printer file
SPR Document letter
SPR Generated executable screen file
SPR Sprite
SPR Story Board sprites
SPS Exported SyncBack profile
SPS Screen driver
SPS SPSSx source code file
SPT Data support file (MITAC disk/system management utility pack)
SPT SPITBOL source code file
SPW Worksheet
SPX Compiled executable screen file
SPX Ogg Speex bitstream[7]
SQD Squish message base
SQI Squish message base index
SQL SQL language code
SQL Squish message base lastread pointers
SQM Windows Live Messenger log file
SQN Note file
SQZ Archive
SQZ FOXPRO Squeeze file
SRC Source code
SRC Multi-edit source
SRC Source
SRF Sun Raster File graphics file
SRP Script
SRT Subtitle format
SS Bitmap graphics
SS Screen saver
SSC Celestia Solar System Catalog file
SSD Datafile
SSF Graphic file
SSG Saved game
SSP Datafile
SSR FLEXIT Singleshot Survey Raw Data file
SST AVHRR graphic file
SSV Spreadsheet viewer file
ST Instrument library
ST SMALLTALK source code file
ST Stamp
STA Data file
STA Saved state
STA Stack
STB Symbol table file
STB Stub library
STC Celestia Star Catalog file
STC 1.*spreadsheet template
STD State Transition Diagram graphic file
STD 1.*drawing template
STF Archive
STF Setup Table File
STI 1.*presentation template
STK eBook
STL Stereolithography Interface Format
STM Music format (4 channels) (Scream Tracker Module)
STM State Transition Diagram model file
STO Pascal stub OBJ file
STP Subtitler Project
STR Gate3 table structure file
STR Structure list object file
STR PlayStation video file
STS Music format (Scream Tracker Song)
STS Project status info
STU Studio Project
STW Data file
STW 1.*text document template
STX Electronic book
STX Music format
STX Tax form
STY Ami Pro Template (Style); used by other programs for `styles`
STY Style library or sheet
SUB Subtitle format
SUF Sony camera configuration file (setup.suf)
SUI SUIT library
SUM Summary
SUN Sun rasterfile graphics file
SUO Solution User Options for Microsoft Visual Studio
SUP Supplementary dictionary
SVD Autosave file for document
SVG Autosave file for glossary
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics, many
SVQ MRC-Pro sequencers music format
SVS Autosave file for style sheet
SVW Super Video Windows
SVX Interchange, 8SVX/16SV
SVY FLEXIT Survey data
SW Raw Signed Word (16bit) data
SWF Shockwave Flash
SWG SWAG Pascal Snippets file
SWP Document backup
SWP Swap file
SWT Hump Routes File
SXC 1.*spreadsheet
SXD 1.*drawing
SXG 1.*master document
SXI 1.*presentation
SXM 1.*formula
SXP 3DS Process file
SXW 1.*text document
SY1 SmartPix symbol library
SY3 Harvard Graphics format
SY3 Symbol file
SYD Backup of startup files created by QEMM (?) autoexec.syd
SYD Sysedit backup file
SYG Monitor and handler files created by SYSGEN
SYM Compiler symbolic information file
SYM P-CAD component (symbols)
SYM Precompiled headers
SYM Program symbol table
SYM Symbol file
SYN SDSC Synu image file
SYN Synonym file
SYS Datafile
SYS System file - device driver or hardware configuration info
SYW Graphics file (symbol)
SYW Yamaha SY-85/SY-99 Wave File