File extensions beginning with t

File Extension Description
T Archive without compression (tape)
T TADS source
T Tester symbol table
T$M ??? - Found in Windows (Vista) temp folder c:\windows\temp
T2B Bookeen Cybook thumbnail
T2L True2Life file format
T44 Temporary file for Sort or Index
T64 Program
TAG Query tag name
TAH Help file for Turbo Assembler
TAL Adobe Type Align
TAL Text illustration
TAP Tape file
TAR Archive
TAZ Archive
TB Tab file (Virtual Desktop Tab)
TB1 Font file
TB2 Font file
TBK FOXPRO template backup file
TBK Memo backup
TBK Toolbook
TBL Short for Table
TBL Aldus TableEditor file
TBL Gate3 table file
TBL Graphics file (native format)
TBL Table of values
TBR Norton Desktop custom toolbar
TBS Text elements ?? (Textbausteine)
TBX Table
TBZ Archive
TC Configuration
TCH Help file
TCL Tool Command Language source code
TCT Drawing Template
TCW Native Drawing File
TD Config from Turbo Debugger
TD0 Compressed diskette in a file
TD2 Configuration file
TDB Database
TDDD Imagine Object File Format
TDF Speedo font file
TDF Typeface definition file
TDH Help file for Turbo Debugger
TDK Keystroke recording file
TDR Contens of Arvid tape
TDS Symbol table
TDT Thumbnail data
TDW Configuration file
TEC Data
TEC TECO macro file ("compiled" form)
TEL Host file
TEM Input template
TEM Turbo Editor Macro Language script
TERM Terminal File
TES TECO macro file (source form)
TET Tetris results
TEX Datasheet
TEX TeX text file
TEX Image
TEXT Text file
TF Configuration
TFA Area file
TFC Catalogue file
TFF self executing TansForm dialogue
TFH Help file for Turbo Profiler
TFM Tagged font metric file
TFM TeX Font Metric file
TFS Statistical information
TG1 Project file
TGA Targa True Color bitmapped format
TGZ Archive
THE Windows'95 Desktop Theme
THM Thumbnail or Theme File
THS Thesaurus dictionary
TIB Acronis True Image Backup
TIC FTN special file with assotiated file description
TIFF TIFF (tagged image format file) bitmapped file
TIL Fuzzy logic knowledge base
TIS Tile set
TJL Backup file
TLB Interoperability Type Library
TLB Reference table
TLB Text library
TLB Type library
TLC Compiled Tool Command Language source code
TLD Disk Image
TLH Typelib Generated C/C++ Header
TLP Project
TM2 Typical Meteorological Year data (new)
TMF Tagged Font Metric file
TMF TiVo movie
TMO ZTG global optimizer default output file
TMO HandsHigh ThoughtManager Outline
TMP Temporary file
TMS TeleMate compiled script
TMY Typical Meteorological Year data (old)
TMY2 Typical Meteorological Year data (new)
TOC Table Of Contents text file (ASCII)
TOK Borland C++ 4.x reserved word list
TOPC TopicCrunch SEO Project file holding keywords, domain and search engine settings (ASCII)
TOS Character file
TOS Self-extracting file archive (Atari ST)
TP Session-state file
TP Turbo Pascal cfg file
TP TinkerPlots Document
TP3 Template
TPB Downloadable PCL Soft font file backup
TPC File produced when an inter-Topicscape topic link file is exported to Windows
TPF Downloadable PCL Soft font file
TPF Print data in EMF format
TPH Help file
TPL Resident units library
TPL Template file
TPL Template
TPP Protected Mode Units
TPU Borland Pascal DOS Mode Library
TPU Command file (VAXTPU editor)
TPW Borland Pascal Windows Library
TPW Session-state file
TPZ Archive
TR Man page input suitable for troff -man
TR Session-state settings
TR2 Session-state settings
TRC Debug support file
TRD Datafile
TRE Directory tree file
TRIF Tiled Raster Interchange Format
TRK Track (i.e. video sequence), used by many games
TRM Terminal settings
TRN Translation support file
TRS Executable file
TRS WiSo Mein Geld 2007
TRS IBM Mainframe log file
TRU True Basic source file
TRW Session-state settings
TRY Typical Meteorological Year data (variant)
TS Qt Linguist TS File
TSE Data
TSK Microsoft Multimedia Task Application
TSM Turbo Assembler Manual
TST Printer test file
TSV Tab Separated Values
TTF TrueType Font file
TUD The Ultimate Draw file
TUT Tutorial
TV Table view settings
TVF Table view settings
TVn Overflow file above insert point in Doc n
TXF Tax eXchange Format
TXI Support file
TXT Common name for ASCII text file
TXT Tab-Delimited Text File
TXW Yamaha TX-16W Wave File
TY TiVo movie
TYM Time Stamp (PageMaker 4)
TZ Archive
TZB Archive
TZL Tanzzle pattern file
TZX Tanzzle image file