File extensions beginning with v

File Extension Description
V Consistency check support file
V Main input file for an image
V Coq source file
V1, V2, ... Split parts of a whole file
V10 Data
V2D Voucher design file
V8 Covox 8bit file
VAI multimedia
VAL Validity checks and referential integrity
VAL Values list object file
VALA Sourcecode
VAN Animation
VAP Value Added Process
VAP Dialogic indexed adpcm voice file
VAR Variable file
VB Visual Basic .Net source file
VBPROJ Visual Basic .Net project file.
VBR Visual Basic Custom Control file
VBS VBScript script file
VBX Visual Basic eXtension
VBZ Visual Basic Setup Wizard Template
VC Include file with color definitions
VC Spreadsheet
VC6 Graphite - 2D and 3D drafting
VCA Visual Clip Art
VCD VirtualDrive CD Image File
VCD Value Change Dump (Verilog) temporal database file
VCD VisualCADD Drawing File
VCR VCR drivers for Arvid
VCW Visual workbench information
VCX Spreatsheet
VDA Bitmap graphics
VDO Story Board video image
VDR Drawing
VEG Vegas Project
VEW GroupWise for Windows
VEW View file
VFA FontLab Database file
VFM Ventura Font Metrics file
VFM Voting Form
VFN Voting Form for Customers
VGA VGA display driver
VGA VGA display font
VGD VGA display driver
VGM Video Game Music audio format.
VGR Graphics file
VI LabVIEW Virtual Instrument
VI Graphics file
VI Watcom editor script
VICAR Graphics (Video Image Communication and Retrieval)
VID Bitmap graphics (YUV12C M-Motion Frame Buffer)
VID Graphics format
VID MS-DOS Shell Monitor file
VID Screen device driver
VIFF Khoros Visualization Image File Format
VIK Graphics format (VIKING)
VIM Vim script file
VINF data
VIR Virus or infected file
VIS VIS graphics file
VLM Vellum, Vellum 2D, Vellum Draft, Vellum 3D, DrawingBoard
VLM Virtual Loadable Module
VM Virtual Memory file
VMC Virtual memory configuration
VMDK Virtual Disk file
VMF Font characteristics
VMG Nokia message file format
VMS Text file containing VMS specific info
VO Include file with object definition
VOB Video Object
VOC Sound format (Creative Lab's Sound File)
VOF Object folder
VOP Visual Orangator Project
VOP Visual OTTHYMO Project
VOX Dialogic adpcm file
VP 3DS Video posting
VPF Vector Product Format
VPG Graphics file
VPH Virtual Pascal Help
VPI Virtual Pascal Unit
VQA Vector Quantized Animation
VRM Overlay file
VRM Visual rexx source
VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VRP Project
VRS Video Resource e.g. video device driver
VS Vellum Solids
VS Include file with surface definition
VSD Diagram
VSD Visio drawing
VSM Visual Simulation Model
VSP Sprite
VSS SmartShapes file
VSS Visio Template
VST Truevision Vista graphics file
VST Visio Template
VUE Animation
VUE View
VW Text file
VWR File viewer file
VXD Windows 3.x virtual device driver
VZT Temporal database file