File extensions beginning with w

File Extension Description
W Word chart file
W01 Yamaha SY-series wave files
W01 Yamaha TX16W wave file
W30 Printer font
W31 Startup file
W3A Warcraft III Abilities Export File
W3B Warcraft III Destructables Export File
W3D Warcraft III Doodads Export File
W3D Westwood 3D object format.
W3D Shockwave 3D object format.
W3G Warcraft III Replay File
W3H Warcraft III Buffs Export File
W3M Warcraft III Map
W3N Warcraft III Campaign
W3O Warcraft III Object Data Export File
W3P Warcraft III Save
W3Q Warcraft III Upgrades Export File
W3T Warcraft III Item Export File
W3U Warcraft III Unit Export File
W3V Warcraft III Save
W3X Warcraft III Expansion Map
W3Z Warcraft III Save
W40 Something for Windows95 (e.g. config.w40)
W44 Temporary file for Sort or Index
W95 Something for Windows95
WAD Where's All the Data?
WAG Yard Contents File
WAI Warcraft III AI Data File
WAR Java Web Archive
WAS ProComm Script File (source code)
WAV Sound format (Microsoft Windows RIFF WAVE)
WAX ProComm compiled script
WB1 Notebook
WB2 Spreadsheet
WBF Microsoft Windows Batch File
WBK Document/workbook or Microsoft Word backup file
WBT Norton Desktop
WBT Wilsonware Batch file
WCD Condes Event Data file
WCD Macro token list
WCH WordPerfect Macro Facility
WCM Data transmission file
WCM Macro
WCP Product information description
WD InfoSelect Data file
WDB Database
WDM Admin tool connection definition
WEB WEB source code file
WebOOGL Web Object Oriented Graphics Library
WFB Turtle Beach WaveFront Bank
WFD Turtle Beach WaveFront Drum
WFM Form object
WFN Font
WFP Turtle Beach WaveFront Prog.
WFT Web Family Tree
WFX Data file
WG1 Worksheet
WG2 Worksheet
WID Width table
WIM Windows Imaging Format
WIN Window file
WIX Windows Installer XML
WIZ Page wizard
WK1 Spreadsheet
WK3 Spreadsheet
WK4 Spreadsheet
WKB Document
WKE Spreadsheet
WKF VISI Working file
WKI Spreadsheet format
WKQ Spreadsheet
WKS Spreadsheet
WKS Workspace
WKZ Spreadsheet format
WLK Graphics
WLK Walk Through for any game
WMA Windows Media Audio audio file
WMC Backup of startup files by Windows MathCad autoexec.wmc
WMC Macro file
WMC Text file
WMDB Windows Media Player database
WMF Windows MetaFile vector graphics
WMO WoW Map Object
WMP Graphics (Windows Magic Icon Palette)
WMV Windows Media Video video file
WN Text
WNF Corel Draw Font File
WOA Swap file
WOC Organization
WOW Music (8 channels)
WP Word Perfect Format
WP5 Document
WPD Document
WPD Windows printer driver (uninstallable)
WPF Form
WPG WordPerfect Graphics vector graphics
WPJ Watcom C/C++ IDE project
WPK Macros
WPL MediaRack Wave Playlist
WPL Windows Media Playlist, for Windows Media Player
WPM Macros
WPS Text document
WQ! Compressed spreadsheet
WQ1 Spreadsheet
WR1 Spreatsheet
WRD Template
WRI Write editor format
WRK Spreadsheet
WRP Archive
WRS Windows Resource e.g. might indicate error if word cannot open
WS APL Worksheet
WS Text file
WS2 Text file
WSD Document
WSP Workspace
WSQ Wavelet-packet Scalar Quantization Format
WSRC X-wais source
WST Text file
WTF World of Warcraft Data File
WTF WinTaper Data
WTR Working Timetable rules file
WTT Working Timetable timings file
WWB Button bar for document window
WWK Keyboard layout
WXH Program/Script File
WXP Document