File extensions beginning with x

File Extension Description
X Archive
X AVS X image file
X DirectX 3D object
X LEX source code file
X XBasic Source code file
X3D x3d and xdart Formats
XA XA audio file
XAR Xara file
XBE Xbox Executable
XBM X11 Bitmap graphics file
XCF Gimp image file
XCK Extended crack file (usually text)
XCL Xtree for Windows Script file
XDF OS/2 extended disk format image
XDM Directory Manipulator for 32-bit Protected Mode
XE Xenon - for Associative 3D Modeling
XEX Xbox 360 Executable File
XFN Printer font
XFR Ventura Publisher Bitmap Editor Font file
XFT 24 pin printer font
XI Fast Tracker 2 instrument file
XI Fastracker 2.0 Instrument File
XIF Xerox Image Format
XLA Add-in macro sheet
XLA XLib Archive
XLB Microsoft Excel Toolbar
XLC Microsoft Excel Chart
XLD Microsoft Excel Dialog
XLK Microsoft Excel Archive
XLL Microsoft Excel Dynamic Link Library
XLM Microsoft Excel Macro File
XLS Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
XLSB Microsoft Excel 2007 Binary Workbook (BIFF12)(Spreadsheets)
XLSX Office Open XML Workbook (Spreadsheets)
XLT Microsoft Excel Template
XLT Translation table
XLV Microsoft Excel Module
XLW Microsoft Excel Workbook
XM Fast Tracker 2 extended module
XM Music format
XMF eXtensible Music Format
XMI Compressed eXtended MIdi music
XML eXtensible Markup Language file
XMOD Monarch Model
XMPZ XML Miradi Project Zipfile
XMV video
XNF Standard Network File form
Xnn Secondary indexes
XOF RenderMorphics
XP eXtended Pattern
XPM X11 Pixel Map graphics file
XPS Open XML Paper Specification / OpenXPS
XQT Executable file
XQT Macro sheet
XRF Cross-reference file
XSF data
XSPF XML Sharable Playlist Format
XTB External translation table
XTP XTreeGold overlay
XVF Xyngo Video File
XWD X Window System window dump image graphics file
XWK Keyboard mapping
XWP Session
XWP Text file
XX Encoded file (ASCII)
XXE Encoded file (ASCII)
XY Text file
XY3 Text file
XYW Text file
XYZ Molecular coordinates